Scaling High Growth Merchants with Modern Payment Solutions

Turn payments into a driver and enabler of growth with Fung’s full-stack platform that supports payments for your business around the globe.

One platform for end-to-end payments that allows for cost and conversion optimisation

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Simplify payment operations

Work with a single payments platform to accept, process, and settle payments to streamline user flow, increase conversion and consolidate back-offices.

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Increase acceptance rates

Optimise authorization rates by leveraging card data (3DS), advanced authorization techniques, network tokens, and intelligently routing transactions.

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Expand your coverage

Let your users choose the payment methods they know and trust. And leverage our portfolio of licenses and acquiring connections globally.

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Transparency in reporting and pricing

Experience complete transparency with Fung’s reporting and pricing solutions, simplifying your payment operations and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Reduce costs and increase conversion with Fung’s payment solutions

Enable Global Payouts for your business

Adopt our all-inclusive global payout solution and effortlessly distribute funds to any wallet, bank account, or credit card.

Scheme Tokens & Payment Orchestration

Improve ownership with a self-managed token vault, and increase conversion efficiency through the use of network tokens and payment orchestration.

Consolidated and transparent reporting

Experience clear, cost and transaction-based reporting, regardless of what currencies you’re dealing with, ensuring a single source of truth.

Accept payments everywhere

Enable seamless, diverse payment solutions to delight your customers. Simplify your process by partnering with a single provider for payment acceptance, processing, and settlement.

Transparent pricing and processing fees

Benefit from our transparent pricing model that includes fixed processing fees, clear payment method costs, and comprehensive services without hidden charges or additional expenses.

A fully compliant payments processor for growing e-commerce merchants

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Regulated Partner

Fung is registered with the Dutch Central Bank as both a crypto services provider and an exempted payment service provider.

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Payments Compliance

We leverage deep industry knowledge from the financial and payments sector in order to create a safe, compliant and secure solution merchants.

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Protect your reputation

An anti-fraud solution with on-chain transaction monitoring, KYC/KYB and sanction screening, depending on your risk profile.

Start growing your business