Dive into our platform

Dive into our platform

See what we’ve built so far and what we’re adding daily to power better user experiences.

Moving money

Accept payments

Accept payments directly or allow your customers to accept payments

Send money

Send multicurrency payouts to bank accounts and cards

Split payouts

Enable complex split payouts with different pricing schedules

Store money

Virtual accounts can be issued and used as wallets or smart ledgers for easy invoice reconciliation


Low code hosted checkout

Effortless setup with minimal coding for hosted checkout solutions, reducing development time.

Embedded components

Seamlessly integrate payment process within your app using embedded checkout components.


Maintain brand identity with white-labeling and customizable appearance options.

Configurable payment methods

Low code payment configuration on user level

Payment notifications

Keep users informed about payment progress with timely notifications and updates.


Ensure compliance with PCI-DSS standards for secure payment data management.

Built-in KYC tools

Implement our KYC flow directly into your system for enhanced verification.

Fraud prevention

Utilize fraud tools to protect your checkout from fraudulent activities, ensuring security.

3D Secure

Optimize the 3DS system for frictionless flows, enhancing transaction efficiency.



Organize accounts with adaptable Hive account structure for complex organizational setups.

Transaction reporting

Instant, configurable payment reports, with history and filtering options.

Real-time data

Access financial data, invoices, fees, pricing, and pending payouts promptly.

Checkout studio

Coming soon

Customize checkout and brand appearance with our studio editor.


Receive essential event notifications via webhooks for timely actions.


Monitor business and sub-merchant performance through insightful metrics.


Administer bank info, payouts, pricing, and users' details with ease.

Configurable pricing

Tailor pricing setups for your merchants' specific needs on a transactional level.

Developer hub

Access developer tools, including webhooks, API keys, and documentation.

Risk & control features


Manage risk through user permissions and control features.

Merchant onboarding

Self-service launch

Rapid same-day self-service launch; streamlined automated data collection process.

Branded setup

Customize onboarding: white-label or branded to match your business identity.

Offload compliance

Relieve compliance burdens: our KYC/KYB processes ensure checks and balances.

Ongoing due diligence

Continuous due diligence to maintain regulatory compliance and security standards.

Frictionless UX

Achieve a seamless, low-friction process, eliminating drop-offs for optimal user experience.

Embedded onboarding

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate merchant onboarding into your platform for user convenience.


Account creation

Create unlimited accounts, tailored to your merchant or sub-account requirements.

Account insights

Current balance insights with fees, net settlement, for any account.

Transaction history

Access comprehensive historical transaction data with ease.

Balance updates

Near real-time balance updates for up-to-date financial status.

Transaction filtering

Filter transaction types by account and payment method, e.g. VISA in euros.

Instant transfers


Account transfers and account-to-account payments for instant transactions.

Fund management

Coming soon

Efficiently manage funds with easy top-ups and swift payouts.

Card payments

Card processing

Process card transactions efficiently with our processing platform.

Card not present

Accept secure card-not-present payments for online transactions.

3D Secure

Verify card validity and authenticity for secure transactions.


Safely manage card-on-file information for seamless recurring payments.

Monetize card payments

Maximize revenue by charging transaction fees on your platform.

Split funding

Easily distribute funds among recipients with split funding options.

Dynamic descriptors

Customize transaction descriptors for clarity and identification.


Process refunds quickly and conveniently within our system.

Cancel transactions

Cancel transactions with minimal complexity.

Decline codes

Troubleshoot effectively with detailed decline code insights.

Registered PayFac

Leverage our registered payment facilitator status for ease of use


Gain PCI-compliant components for card payments without certification hurdles.

Apple/Google Pay


Accept payments via Apple/Google Pay for user convenience.

Network tokens


Enhance security with network tokenization for safe data handling.

Disputed transactions


Resolve disputes efficiently with dedicated support for disputed transactions.


Financial updates

Instant financial updates, real-time visibility into account balances and transactions.

Payment methods

Display supported, available payment methods for users to select.

Account grouping

Utilize Hive's grouping concept for streamlined complexity handling across accounts/users.

Monetize everything

Monetize operations with flexible pricing granularity, even down to transaction levels.

Transaction lifecycle

Track comprehensive transaction lifecycle, detailed status history for resources.


Implement secure tokenization for enhanced data protection.

Metadata integration

Attach custom identifiers like merchant references, enhancing record organization and tracking.